We provide professional fantasy character designs in 2D or 3D mode.


Based on your ideas we develop your fantasy character and bring it to life!





We do traditional character sculptings.


Let's transform your fantasy character in a traditional fantasy sculpture!





 We do classes for traditional drawing.


We support you to level up your skills in traditional pencil drawing!



Please click HERE for more info and dates!



We offer high quality 2D conceptual artwork.


 It's our pleasure to illustrate your book cover, do your storybook, design your games or work with you on your  film concept ideas!





 We offer you 3D Modelling.


We use the fascinating 3D modelling tool "zBrush" to model your fantasy character in digital 3D or do hard surface modells.




 We offer digital painting lessons.

We show you how to draw in Photoshop, beginners or advanced learner classes possible! 


 Please click HERE for more info and dates!